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INARCHITECTS is an Amsterdam based office. An architectural firm, arose from 'Inarchitecten' (in association with Ruben van den Boogaard)  founded in 2015 by Mark Hekkert ( in association with Jelmer Sjoerdsma), that works from the inside out. 

Inarchitects is an architectural firm that regards the interior of a space (or a building) as the most important design criterion. Starting from the innermost part of the building, we literally and figuratively create spaces which, from an architectural point of view, are original and headstrong.
The client's individuality, the program, the location and innovative ideas determine the different layers and ambiguity of the design.
The design of the outside of the building, though not less important, is a logical consequence of the choices that have been made for the interior of the building.
Important aspects of design that we employ are ambiguity, layer construction, originality and daring. The result is an authentic architectural entity which reflects the client's wishes and the quintessence of the appointed tasks.

Programs we work with are; AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign and ArchiCAD.
Technical project effects are all done in BIM.  BIM stands for ‘Building Information Model’. It is a rich digital 3d model of a physical design. It brings together data and visualisations within a 3D model, which is used by the architect, client, the end user and project team to understand how a building will look and function, the construction process, what it will cost and how it will operate – before it is even built. This valuable knowledge enables the client and architects to make smarter decisions at an earlier stage, test solutions, and identify which will deliver the best results ( client's  wishes ) and designs. 

Inarchitects is a member of the BNA ( Koninklijke Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Bouwkunst Bond van Nederlandse Architecten, ).

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